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Contracting Details

Construction of Cycle Path and Reconstruction of Kyrenia Avenue at Aglantzia Phases B and C

  • Description:

    The works included the reconstruction/reformation and improvement of a large section of the Kyrenia Avenue. The new road is turned into a dual carriage way, has new footbaths along both sides, cycle path on the south side, bus stops, parking areas and green areas. A new storm water sewerage system was constructed to cover the whole works area, as well as sewage system both connected to the existing system at the end of the working areas. Total length of pipework 6.7km

  • Employer:

    Aglantzia Municipality

  • Architect/Consultant:

    Michaelides-Apostolides Architects

  • Contract amount:€ 3,408,000 Currency Converter
  • Start Date:31/12/2003
  • End Date:2005