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As part of its strategic growth plan, Charilaos Apostolides Public Limited has established a joint-venture operation in Abu Dhabi with partners YBA Kanoo.
Abu Dhabi has, over recent years, maintained sustained growth in its infrastructure development and economic diversification. And with the population expected to reach up to three million in coming years, the potential for civil engineering, government infrastructure and private and public housing projects will increase accordingly.

Economic diversification is an important aspect of the government's development strategy, and this will see significant expansion of the tourism sector, as well as continued growth in construction projects, and energy projects - including oil and gas, petrochemicals, power and water. Planned infrastructure development demands additional road, bridge, rail, sewerage and marine construction. Charilaos Apostolides Public Limited has extensive experience in the region and has the financial resources to engage in all sectors of  the development programmes, and will actively target any publicor private-sector projects that fall within the scope of its abilities and expertise.

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  • Chapo UAE-LLC (Abu Dhabi)
  • Building and Civil Engineering Contractors
  • Registered Office:

    6, Kanoo Business Centre, Abu Dhabi

  • Postal Address:

    P.O. Box 127680, Abu Dhabi

  • Telephone:

    +971 2 6773738

  • Fax:

    +971 2 6676788

  • Email Address:

  • Web.: