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Charilaos Apostolides Public Limited has for many years been successfully engaged in the Middle East and recently took the strategic decision to expand its operations in selected countries.
Saudi Arabia has the potential to become the largest market for construction and infrastructure development in the region, and this was a prime factor in deciding to establish Chapo Kanoo Ltd, a joint-venture company with YBA Kanoo.

Saudi Arabia is building for its own population development and growth, not to attract foreign investment. Due to the size of the country, infrastructure presents the greatest potential, along with housing and public building projects. As a result both the privatesector and the government sector are equally important. Because the group is highly experienced and well placed, with operations already in the region, Chapo Kanoo Ltd will be targeting both sectors.

Saudi Arabia has very attractive economic dynamics and the market potential is billions of dollars. This, coupled with the fact that the group already has significant assets and resources deployed in the region, makes entry into the Saudi Arabia market highly viable for Charilaos Apostolides Public Limited.

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  • Chapo Kanoo Ltd (Saudi Arabia)
  • Building and Civil Engineering Contractors
  • Registered Office:

    Sehamiyah Tower, 5th Floor, Office 504, Sultan Street, Rakkah, Alkhobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, CR No 2050079907

  • Postal Address:

    P.O.Box 37 Dammam

  • Telephone:

    +966 38575005/38575006

  • Fax:

    +966 38143900

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  • Web.: